The Second Week Update

Hello all,

The eleven post blitz to show we are serious about the start of our blog has slowed down. We spent a month before the launch writing and making sure we had content. I didn’t want to advertise a blog with just a few posts on it. Having started blogs that never went anywhere before I wanted to be sure this one succeeded. While I am the one writing now, this is co-run by the smartest person I know, Alison.

The posts are going to take on a schedule now. Tentatively we are thinking Monday and Thursday. This means we will each be responsible for one well-written post a week. In between those posts we might make lighter posts that are ‘thought experiments.’  Writing this blog is something I have wanted to do for years. There are many reasons I haven’t started until now. The primary reason might be that I didn’t think I knew enough. However, Alison and I decided we have no excuse to put it off any longer. We both recently graduated and work in the industry now. There are many paths to success in the investments world. Most people take the same path, and there isn’t anything wrong with that trail. In fact, having studied and received a degree we can’t act as though we are unique. But at this point there are many certifications people work to receive. Such as the CPA, CFA, and masters programs (although Alison and I do plan on attending graduate school in the future). If you aren’t working towards something in your off time people tend to assume the worst. While we both love to study on our own, it doesn’t garner much respect. This is due to an informational problem: A certification ‘speaks for itself,’ whereas studying on your own receives no third party validation. So this blog will be our work. Instead of reading and moving on this will give us an opportunity to write, formulate arguments, and create work. The support of everyone reading is so important.

When I first started studying Economics I felt far behind. Everyone I knew had such strong opinions. I thought I was missing something. As time went on I continued to stay reserved. Controversy and pandering always brings readers and viewers. But that is not something I am interested in. I have always been a fan of empirical and the proper pursuit of knowledge. I hope my reviews and theories are able to help those of you who enjoy economics to have a resource that lacks any strong bias.

Lastly, to those readers of this blog who have a passion for knowledge and feel prepared, we would love to have some guest posts.

Thank you,


PS: I postponed part four of my Lombard Street series since I was afraid I had not written it in a simple and elegant way. I hope to post it tomorrow.

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