What Should I Post Next? Comment Here!!

Hello All,


I am trying to think of what my next post is. I never have problems coming up with new ideas. I could write all day. But I would love to get some insight from my friends. Should I write a theory post? An academic post? A post on my personal trading? All three?

Please take some time to tell me what you would like to learn and read. It would mean a lot to me to take some time out of your day and post under the comments right here.


Thank you so much,


5 thoughts on “What Should I Post Next? Comment Here!!

  1. I would do an article on whether or not the Fed should use RGDP or NGDP as their benchmark target for economic growth. It’d be pretty interesting to see an analysis of both sides 🙂

  2. I love pieces that bridge the gap between theory and practice. Keynes, you may recall, spent quite some time with his personal portfolio.

    • I am so happy you said this. I am currently working on a piece that calls upon Hobbes, Marx, Smith, and Keynes and seeks to see what they can add to practice (without being self-indulgant).

  3. I don’t think you’ve touched on this, but you should talk about the future of the financial industry. Is lower compensation, smaller companies and less risk the “new normal” as James Gorman of Morgan Stanley says, or is Goldman Sachs right when it says that with the next bull market will be the resurgence of wall street?

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