Professor John Cochrane Interview

Edit: 2015/08/07, Looking back on this interview some of my questions were sloppy with how I used some financial terms, which have a distinct definition within the asset pricing literature. I asked the LSE student econ journal if they would let me interview John Cochrane, as at the time I was working through his textbook on Asset Pricing and was trying to reconcile the scientific side of finance with the experiences I had had working on a private sector multi-asset team. Since that point I have learned far more while working in financial research at the Fed. PS: He’s an awesome guy.

If you are unable to read the print in your browser, either scroll to the bottom to read it at the actual LSE Econ Society website or right click to view the picture in a new tab so that you may zoom in/out. Thank you for reading :)!

Professor John Cochrane Interview

This is from an interview I did with John Cochrane for the LSE Econ Society. The motivation to reach out to Dr. Cochrane, and the questions, are all my own. This is a picture/excerpt from the actual article found here: